RSA Data Loss Prevention

RSA Data Loss Prevention


RSA Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Discover and monitor the location and flow of sensitive data such as customer credit card data, employee PII, or corporate intellectual property. Educate end users and enforce controls to prevent loss of sensitive data through email, web, PCs, smartphones, and more.


dlp-comprehensiveComprehensive Coverage
Prevent the loss of sensitive data through many risk vectors, including email, webmail, social media, FTP, Web, Web 2.0, PCs, virtual machines, smartphones, Microsoft SharePoint, file servers, NAS/SAN, databases, and USB devices.



dlp-accurateAccurate Classification
Identify sensitive data with industry-best accuracy through RSA DLP’s combination of cognitive sciences-based content classification, machine-based fingerprinting, rich metadata analysis, and purpose-built expert policies.



dlp-userUser Education
Rely on RSA DLP to monitor the actions users take on sensitive data and educate them in real time on policy violations. This improves risk awareness among end users, influencing their behavior in dealing with sensitive data.



dlp-platformPlatform Integration
Integrate RSA DLP with many enterprise platforms, including Microsoft, Cisco, EMC, VMware, Citrix, McAfee, Symantec, and Blue Coat, to maximize utilization of your current infrastructure.




dlp-workflowWorkflow Automation
Improve DLP project management by leveraging a people- and process-centric automated workflow for policy management, incident remediation, and reports management.





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